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About Sprigs & Moss

If you think about it, fairies are simply tiny versions of ourselves with magical qualities. They are playful, industrious, and are the ultimate environmentalists. Fairies remind us to notice even the smallest things in nature. They also inspire us to dream and to believe in things that can’t always be seen. 


It’s important to me that each Sprigs & Moss creation is designed to showcase the loveliness of nature. Sprigs, twigs, bark, moss, shells, crystals, and other found pieces are my building materials. Fairy whimsy and playfulness are the inspiration behind each Sprigs and Moss fairy object. 


My goal is to make unique fairy homes that fairies would love living in, and that you would enjoy having in your home. 


Due to the nature of the building materials used, it is recommended that our products be enjoyed indoors or under the cover of your porch. 

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